Liguria (fr/eng)

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    Les joueurs jouent des marchands qui transportent des peintures sur la mer Ligurienne, négocient, colonisent des îles et entretiennent des relations diplomatiques. Ils devront absolument obtenir les couleurs adéquates pour honorer les commandes du prestigieux évêque.


    Description from the publisher:

    In Liguria, players take the role of merchants who sail the Ligurian Sea to discover beautiful and exotic colors. By trading, conquering and engaging in diplomatic relationships, they can earn valuable prestige points. Fulfilling contracts with the bishop can prove very lucrative...

    Make sure to collect all special colors in the various harbors and bring them back home to make your cathedral stand out the most.

    Liguria is a prequel to the award-winning game Fresco. As a standalone game, it tells the story of how the colors came to the markets of the Ligurian cities to paint the beautiful frescos.

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