Goblins, Guildmasters and Guides Program!

Welcome to the Goblins, Guildmasters and Guides program! 

This page will explain the different tasks and benifits for each wing of the program- to apply you must be 16+ years of age or have parental permission! 


Being a goblin means you will do contract work in-store. You are not on a specific schedule but instead are paid based off the amount of work completed. There are several basic tasks that regularily need attendance for this, the most common being card sorting which uses rows as a way to quantify work.

There are 3 levels of sorting jobs available to do: 

  • Bronze: Rudimentary organisation such as putting away tokens, stripping binders, and unsleaving cards, to fill a row
  • Silver: Sorting a full row by set, color, and alphabetical OR cleaning up the shop through passing the broom, washing the floor, and cleaning the washroom and the doors 
  • Gold: Putting away in drawers a full row of rares / high value cards 

A full row of each task gives you this amount: Bronze:10$ Silver:50$ Gold:100$


Being a Guildmaster entails catering a community and making events for people to join you and play games. You read that right GET PAID TO PLAY! 

But there are responsibilities tied to the guildmaster title. First of all, you must be present during an agreed upon weekly or monthly "Game Night" or host a full day event "Tournament" not during another event in one of our event areas. Rooms available are: Store showroom, Gameroom, Eventroom, Cafe. Either bringing the necessary material or using the resources available to you at the multizone by talking to the employees and making sure the stuff is available before-hand.

  • Game night: Host and be available to teach and play a game that does not yet have a 3 hour weekly event on a week day from 6:00pm to 9pm or on the weekend between Noon and 5pm (you receive 5$ per attendee) 
  • Tournament: Host and Organise a minimum 6 hr event on a weekend, create a document explaning the proceedings of the tournament (example: 40k event: the amount of points, the scenarios used, the amount and time of rounds, and the prizing scheme) *you must discuss with the multizone staff about the price of tickets and prize support allocation from the store atleast a month before the event. (you receive 10$ per attendee and do not need to pay for the ticket if you must play as ringer (but also receive no prizes) 
  • Other: sometimes an event does not meet the exact criteria of game night or tournament such as a paint night or a craft show, these are case-by case scenarios to be discussed with the staff before hosting and establishing a payout or ticket price. 


The guides program is a more mobile one as it does not involve going into the store- this program is for companies or individuals that wish to work in collaboration with the multizone by showcasing our webstore as an add on their social media by providing their Viewers or followers with a unique discount code. For each purchase that includes the discount code on it, you receive a cut of the total sale. Your responsibilities as guildmaster are:

  • Represent the brand: Multizone is a family-friendly you or your brand will be removed from the guides program if you showcase discriminatory or innapropriate behavior such as racism or pornography. 
  • Keep count of your sales: reach out once a month to receive a bill of your sales
  • Continuously showcase the Multizone: if you stop promoting the brand, after a month of innactivity, you will be removed from the program. This can be a temporary break and your guide position can be reinstated at a later date

*sometimes unique circumstances arrise and we could abbolish your partnership without ill-will but simply due to unforseen events. In this case, you will be notified and receive any payout money remaining on the account and your code will be terminated immediately. 


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