Introducing: Sorcerer

by Multizone: Comics And Games

Hey All!

In early March of this year our Game Rooms had strong formats. Modern was flexible, and had had some big upsets recently, Pioneer was still riding pretty high on excitement, Legacy had a good, established crowd, and Commander and Draft was robust and looking forward to some exciting sets. in the interest of expanding our horizons a little more we had started a conversation about possibly mixing some things up still.

With the relative failures of Brawl, Oathbreaker, pauper, and frontiers in the rearview mirror, we wanted to keep in mind some priorities if we were going to mess with the status quo. We wanted a format with good variance, neat playable interactions, and nothing fiddly or "but" formats (commander BUT no blue, or legacy BUT a budget cap)


We played with a few options like "compulsory companions", and "penny dreadful" but we almost stumbled into something quite unique




Sorcerer is a typically, competitive viable, Constructed format for Magic the Gathering. It follows all global MTG rules and restrictions with a few unique rules for deckbuilding.


1. Decks are 60 card minimum, Singleton, with 15 card sideboard. This means you cannot run more than one copy of any card other than basic lands in your deck or sideboard.


2. Your deck may be made up of any Magic the Gathering cards EXCEPT for ANY card banned in VINTAGE, LEGACY, MODERN, STANDARD, COMMANDER, PAUPER, BRAWL, Historic and PIONEER (and silver bordered cards obviously are not permitted either)- all listed here


that's it! 2 very simple rules for deckbuilding! we have found this extremely engaging. The singleton format reduces budget issues and increases variance (that we were finding the new mulligan rule was encouraging too much singular combos) and the broad cardbase makes for fun and interesting decks. if you have a commander deck you can chop it down to a sorcerer, of you can pull singletons out of your legacy or modern deck to start the groundwork for your deck. the Legacy banlist keeps the commander cards in check and vis-versa, and the carefully curtailed standard banlist keeps new or unchecked cards under control because wizards is quick to manage those formats, but as they cycle out they gain new life in the game if they were not strong enough to compete in other formats.


We hope you try out Sorcerer, and have some fun with it!

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