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    More tea, Batman?"


    Jervis Tetch is otherwise known as the Mad Hatter. As a child he was considered a geek at school and fell for a fellow student Alice Dee.

    After taking her to an Alice in Wonderland themed park, Alice and her friends started to look down on Tetch as they began to out grow him.

    Tetch's parents gave him plat-formed shoes and a top hat to try and increase his height but this did not work. Eventually they took him to a doctor to discover his height was due to a hormone deficiency and he was placed on experimental testosterone enhancers. While these did help a little they also had a adverse effect on his mental health. Tetch was pushed further and further from his class mates and his own sanity and ended up in Arkham. Still obsessed with Alice and the Wonderland they visited.


    The Mad Hatter, although insane, became very good with technology including mind control equipment. He keeps these devices in his top hat which lets him control the mind of weaker willed people and even give them visions and hallucinations. He has even gone as far as placing it in others hats for direct control over them.

    These days he uses his skills to head up the strange Wonderland Gang.


    The Wonderland Gang has two key members. Deever Tweed and Dumfrey Tweed. Almost identical cousins they resemble the Tweedle twins from Alice in Wonderland. This led to them being know as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are never apart from each other and conduct all of their criminal activity side by side.

    As well as working with the Mad Hatter they have also been known to work along side the Joker and other 'Wonderland' themed Villains like the Lion and Unicorn, Walrus and Carpenter and March Hare.


    Another member of the infamous Wonderland Gang is Jania Hudson, a Gotham socialite otherwise known as the White Rabbit. After many dealing with Arkham, Batman and especially Bane and his Venom serum, the White Rabbit now sides with Tetch and the Tweed cousins.



    In the Batman Miniature Game, the Wonderland Gang is a weird and wonderful choice.

    The Mad Hatter leads the crew. At 75 Reputation he may seem pricey for his average stats but he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Dodge and Small keep him safer than most from ranged attacks and if anyone gets close he can Charm them to make them fail their attacks in close combat or try and take them down with his 0.60 Cal Gun.

    His biggest strength though comes in the form of his Mind Control Device. This gives him a chance to Hypnotise ANY opponent model and even earn additional VP if he succeeds.


    For Henchmen the Wonderland Gang has the Tweedle cousins. Dee and Dum.

    Both are Bodyguards to protect the Hatter and both are Immune to Stunned effects.

    They are also armed with impressive weaponry. Tweedledum packs a high powered Assault Rifle while Tweedledee brings the first Beam weapon to the game with his Blastgun which can ignore all but the toughest Ping rolls. It does need reloading and can't have Ammo top ups in game though.


    The White Rabbit is a great Free Agent for Wonderland. Fast, Acrobatic and immune to Grabs, she is hard to catch. Armed with Long Spiked Heels she can re-roll hits with a Strength bonus, Blood damage and even Crit: Blood as well. Combine these with her Confusion and Bluff abilities and the White Rabbit can make chosen targets very vulnerable.


    Overall, the Wonderland Gang brings all sorts of fun and antics to the game.

    If you like crazy characters, crazy weapons and crazy abilities, Wonderland is the Gang for you.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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