Valiant card game- NinjaK vs the valiant Universe

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    The greatest heroes in the VALIANT UNIVERSE must team up to stop one of their own! NINJAK, MI-6's deadliest operative, has stolen an object of immense power and you must build up your power in order to survive against all the gadgets and threats he will throw at you while working towards your hidden agenda.

    It won't be easy... are you up for the challenge?

    Throughout the game, you will collect various tactics and artifacts that both make you more powerful so you can fight Ninjak while also earning you points towards your hidden agenda. The game ends after all of Ninjak's threats have been eliminated. You will need to work together with the other players to survive, but only the one who best completes their hidden objective will win the game.

    Warning: Contains violent images.

    - $29.99 CAD

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