Unmatched- Battle of legends

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    Number of Players: 2-4
    Playing Time: 20-40 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 9+

    Anyone, Anywhere

    Unmatched is a fast-paced game of tactical combat between unlikely opponents. Pick your favorite hero, choose a location, and use your hero's unique deck and abilities to win the day. You can mix up heroes and maps from any set. Features the innovative art of Oliver Barrett.

    Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 include four legendary heroes, each with a unique hook: King Arthur can sacrifice cards to pump up his attacks. Alice gets big or small, changing her attack and defense. Medusa can strike from range and kill with a single glance. Sinbad dances around the battlefield, getting stronger as the game goes on.


    • 1 double-sided game board
    • 4 hero figures
    • 6 printed sidekick tokens
    • 7 custom health dials
    • 124 cards
    • 1 Alice big/small token
    • 1 Rulebook

    - $49.99 CAD

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