Two Face's Crew

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    "Can a man live two lives?" - Two Face


    Two Face a.k.a Harvey Dent.

    Harvey was once the District Attorney for Gotham City. He was one of the best lawyers around but chose to take on the big crime families of the city. This led to Sal Maroni throwing acid at Dent in a court room and destroying half of his face.

    Once Dent had recovered, he took on the name Two Face. He was obsessed with 50/50 chances, black and white, right and wrong. So much so that his own choices and decisions were based one a flip of a dual headed coin with one side scarred. If it came up heads, he would do good, let someone live and so on. If the scarred side came up though, Dent would follow the coin to commit terrible crimes. Even in the planning of his crimes, Two Face often included the number 2 as a trade mark or calling card. If the second bank of Gotham was robbed on the 22nd of the 2nd, Batman would know who the culprit was before he even arrived.


    In the Batman Miniatures Game, a Two Face crew perfectly captures the character of Dent.

    Before each round you flip a coin and either gain of lose an action counter. Two Face is a Master Marksman with his Thompson machine gun but is also just as happy to get up close and personal with some brass Knuckles.

    Once he takes a model down, he flips a coin again to see if they live or die.

    As the ex-DA, Two Face has links in the GCPD. This means that when needed he can be backed up by Brandon and a handful of corrupt cops of SWAT when needed.

    The standard henchmen are a little tougher then they are in most others crews with extra Endurance. Armed with a range of weapons, they can even get a boost of extra Action counters once per game from their Leader.

    If those choices weren't enough, Two Face's Mafia links also allow his to take some Elite Mobsters. Armed with Tommy guns and pistols, these Mobsters are as tough as they are deadly.


    There are several good choices from Free Agents in this sort of crew. A couple of fitting ones could be the Riddler and Clayface.

    The Riddler brings intelligence and trickery to the crew. Adding to the Take the Lead bag, scoring a lot from Riddle Objectives and confusing the enemy helps the Two Face crew take down opponents from every direction.

    Clayface adds something the rest of the crew is missing. Pure raw close combat hitting power. His also brings even more resilience to an already tough crew.


    All in all, a Two Face crew is packed full of choices, guns, tough Henchmen and luck. Are you willing to flip the coin?

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

    - $49.99 CAD

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