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    The Court of Owls.


    Beware the Court of Owls, That watches all the time.

    Ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.

    They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed.

    Speak not a whispered word of them or they'll send the Talon for your head.?


    For a long time, the Court of Owls were thought to be a myth. A fairy tale told to the children of Gotham to make them behave. Everyone that lived in Gotham knows the rhyme but very few believed it was real.

    Bruce Wayne even investigate the Court in his younger days but came up empty handed.

    Then one day, mysterious killings began in Gotham and they all had the mark of the Owl. This was the start of the Court showing themselves.

    When they decided to send a Talon after Bruce Wayne, the entire Bat Family became involved in what was later know as the Night of the Owls.


    The Court itself is a secret society made up of the upper class and rich families of Gotham who rule the city from hiding. As soldiers they use undead 'creatures' known as Talons. These are skilled humans they have been chosen to be raised from the dead and do the courts bidding. These Talons are often sent out on assassination missions to remove key players in the city that don't fit in the Courts plans. These targets have included people like Bruce Wayne, Victor Fries and even Commissioner Gordon.

    Between missions, the Talons are kept in cryo-sleep. This lead Batman onto finding one of their only weaknesses. The cold.


    In the Batman Miniatures Game, the Court of Owls are a self contained and elite force.

    Low on numbers but packed full of dangerous abilities and skills.


    With Court members like Benjamin Orchard leading the crew, the Court of Owls can not use any outside help. They are restricted to only model with the Court of Owls Affiliation.

    While the Court Leaders can help boost the rest of the crew, the others will need to protect them.


    The Henchmen of the Court are probably some of the most dangerous in the game. A host of named Talons like William Cobb, Strix and Xiao Loong give the crew the chance to dish out a lot of Blood Damage in close combat while using stealthy and acrobatic movement to get exactly where they need to be to land that deadly strike.

    As in the original stories, these Talons are vulnerable to the cold so will need to steer clear of people like Mr Freeze. Even if they do fall though, being Reanimated Owls they always get a second chance to get back up and into the fight.

    Although the Talons are skilled experts, you can still increase their effectiveness even more with the crews equipment. Adding camo to make more of them stealthy or climbing claws to make them even more mobile than they already are. You could even go for some extra throwing knives or immunity to poison if you think the opponent calls for it.


    Court of Owls Free Agents like the 'Gotham Butcher' Felix Harmon can add some nice heavy hitting power and even more resilience to a crew that is already deadly and hard to take down.


    If you are a fan of low model count, elite forces with the power to take on any challenge, then the Court of Owls are for you.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

    - $49.99 CAD

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