Space Marines Rhino

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    This boxed set contains 1 multi-part plastic Rhino.


    Rhino armoured troop carriers are the mainstay of every Space Marine Chapter's vehicle pool. With an optimal balance of armour, transport capacity and manoeuvrability, the Rhino allows the Space Marine to swiftly redeploy, rush squads into positions of strategic advantage or conduct surgical strikes on the enemy line. 

    Null-Maiden Rhino

    Crunching the corpses of the Emperor’s foes under its tracks as it grinds to the front line, the Rhino is far more than a simple personnel carrier. Those vehicles driven to war by the Silent Sisterhood have served faithfully in Terra’s defence for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The machine spirits of these tanks are as dauntless as any in the Imperium’s service, rarely resting in their pursuit of the Sisterhood’s psychic prey.

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