Renegade Knight

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    Corrupted and shattered by unimaginable horror, the Noble pilot of the Renegade Knight drives his war engine storming through the fires of eternal battle. It takes a rarely-found degree of tragedy to turn a Noble, but once it happens, the results are terrifying. Driven insane by the ghosts of his Throne Mechanicum, his walker quickly becomes feared by the Imperium’s armies, every new battle seeing it devolve further into a mockery of its former self, each new atrocity amplifying the howling madness.

    This bundle contains everything you need in order to assemble a Renegade Imperial Knight, that tainted, corrupted walking engine of war whose rules can be found in Traitor’s Hate. You’ll receive an Imperial Knight Warden and 1 Renegade Knight transfer sheet.

    - $191.99 CAD

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