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    I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours!? - Poison Ivy


    Pamela Isley was a botanical botanist that studied, with Alec Holland, under Dr. Jason Woodrue.

    Dr. Woodrue chose Isley to experiment on by injecting her with with poisons and toxins.

    This turned her into the femme fatale now known as Poison Ivy.


    Ivy is a deadly eco-terrorist that stands for the protection of all plant life by taking down anyone that threatens the environment. She uses her abilities such as poisons, hypnotic spores, pheromones and an ability to control plants to complete her goals.

    Living in Gotham City has lead to several confrontations with Batman and regular stays in Arkham Asylum. Being one of the only mean she can't control, Ivy it set on beating the Batman one day.


    Poison Ivy has been known to work with others like her such as her old school friend Swamp Thing But she also has a very close friendship with Harley Quinn. After the two of them became involved with the fight around Hush, they were joined by Catwoman and became the Gotham City Sirens. The Sirens were only around for a short time and then went their separate ways. Ivy and Harley still keep in touch though and often appear to help each other out when needed.


    In the Batman Miniatures Game a Poison Ivy crew is a little different to others available as she is able to control plants as well as normal Henchmen.

    Ivy herself is a deadly woman. Often using poisons on her enemies she can also utilise Controlling Pheromones to Hypnotise her opponents and turn the tides of a game.

    Her sidekick support comes in a couple of different forms. Hush is a ranged specialist that can lead the crew if Ivy falls, or there is Swamp Thing who is pure muscle and very resilient to damage.


    Ivy's main Henchmen are her Elite Plants. These can be placed around the board with seeds and grown when needed to cover an entire area around them. Some varieties include Spore shooters and Creepers that lash out and grab. The Plants can't control Objectives though so it's a good idea to bring some support in the form of Blackgate Prisoners to do the things the Plants aren't able to.


    The other Gotham City Sirens can be taken as Free Agents. Harley Quinn joins with an Affinity to Ivy and brings acrobatic movement and a VERY big mallet. Catwoman adds to the movement and agility of the crew and becomes very handy to head for Loot.


    Overall, a Poison Ivy crew is a very different play style to most crews with the inclusion of the Plants but is it's versatile enough to be built how you want. Area denial, poison, agility, muscle and ranged attack are all there to use.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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