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    The Immolator battle tank is a design exclusive to the Adeptus Ministorum, based on the ubiquitous Rhino chassis. Immolators carry deadly but short-ranged twin heavy flamers, heavy bolters or multi-meltas that can cleanse the battlefield of all but the toughest of foes. Immolators are tactically versatile vehicles and the tank of choice for many Adepta Sororitas commanders, for in addition to their prodigious armaments, their armoured hulls can carry squads of Battle sisters, deploying them onto vital objectives and then supporting them with heavy weapons fire.

    This multi-part plastic and resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Immolator, armed with a twin-linked heavy flamer, heavy bolter or multi-melta.

    Please note: the transfers on the model pictured are not included with this kit.

    - $99.99 CAD

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