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    "What is a friend? A single soul residing in two bodies." - Hush


    Hush, also know as Thomas ?Tommy? Elliot is possibly one of Batman's greatest enemies and oldest friends at the same time.

    Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne were great friends when they were children. They often spent a lot of time playing miniature wargames where Tommy taught Bruce some very useful lessons about using his opponents strengths against them.

    Things then turned dark when Tommy tried to kill his parents but his mother was saved by Bruce' father Thomas Wayne. After that, Tommy turned violent and resented Bruce.

    Later in life this led to alliances with the Riddler, Scarecrow and others due to their common hatred for Bruce Wayne and the Batman.

    Tommy took on the disguise of Hush, which was originally a joke about hiding his true identity, and used his vast intellect and superior schemes involving many players to try and bring down Batman once and for all.

    Each time Batman stopped Hush's schemes, Hush came back again with more elaborate and misleading plans including people like Joker, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze.

    He even went as far as using his own plastic surgery skills to make himself look like Bruce to take the Wayne family fortune.


    In the Batman Miniatures Game, Hush is a Free Agent that works with Poison Ivy, Riddler, Joker and Scarecrow crews.

    At 73 Reputation and $350 funding, Hush takes a big part of your points. But he brings a lot to the table.

    Armed with twin Automatic Guns, he brings some great Short Range fire power to his crew and good stats all round make him a solid model for any situation.

    Hush's Traits and Abilities really bring him in to his own though. Extra accuracy on his shots, the inability to be outnumbered in combat and extra chances at solving Riddles mean Hush is perfect to have in the middle of the action.

    But, he is also very good in the planning stages. Hush can force an opponents model to activate next, add tokens to the Take The Lead bag, hold back his plans until the enemies have been revealed and even cancel an opponents Strategy. Maybe that extra Objective or Street Light? Will be much more helpful if they 'don't' have it!


    If it all goes wrong though and your Leader is taken out of the game, Hush steps up!

    Gaining Willpower and the Leader role, Hush takes command and keeps the crew as strong as it can be.


    Overall, Hush is a very strong character to be taken along side your usual crew. The support and offense he brings will always boost your crew and could even prove to turn the tide of games at times.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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