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    "Shut it down? By the end of tonight, I will be a hero, just like you... BATMAN!" - Hugo Strange

    Hugo Strange began his career as a psychiatrist working in Blackgate Prison with his, now well known, intern Dr Harleen Quinzel.

    Strange soon transferred to Arkham Asylum to continue his work.

    Early on in his career, Strange became obsessed with the Dark Knight. Using his skills he observed Batman as much as and could and finally managed to work out his secret identity of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

    Strange went on to have big plans in the form of the Arkham City project backed up by the mighty Ra's al Ghul. This turned a large section of Gotham into an open prison for the scum of the city and many of Batman's greatest foes. He also experimented on inmates at Arkham and prisoners at Blackgate to perfect mind control skills for commanding his own security force codenamed the TYGER guard that would keep watch over Arkham City.

    With all of his plans in place, Hugo Strange had Bruce Wayne placed into the new project. From there he used twisted mind games and complex plans involving Batman's friends and foes to try and break the Bat.

    The final part of Strange and Ra's al Ghul's plan was called Protocol 10. The systematic destruction of all of Arkham City's occupants which would remove all crime from Gotham once and for all.

    The only problem was that Batman being in there as well.

    In the Batman Miniature Game, Huge Strange is a Free Agent that will work with the League of Shadows, Black Mask, Organised Crime and Riddler crews. The only limitation being that he refuses to work alongside Selena Kyle (Catwoman) or Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)

    Coming in at 44 Reputation and $0 Funding, Strange isn't a fighter but his strengths come from controlling his inmates and prisoners.

    If Strange is around any Henchmen with Mental Disorder Traits, he can affect them in several different ways.åÊ

    Psychologist lets him remove the Disorder effect while also helping him solve Riddler markers automatically.

    Psychiatrist can increase the Henchman's Attack and Defence Skills while Subliminal Suggestion can cause them to make an extra move.

    Finally, Arkham Asylum Dr adds an Action Counter to Movement, Attack or Defence for any Henchman with a Mental Disorder in range.

    This means that Hugo Strange and a number of Arkham Prisoners, Inmates or Lunatics can be a huge and unexpected boost to any League, Crime, Riddler or Black Mask crew.

    The Prisoners bring their own skills and weapons while Strange can push them beyond their limits.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

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