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    Gotham's gonna burn!"?Firefly


    Firefly is also known as Garfield Lynns. Lynns started out as a pyrotechnics expect but turned to a life of crime. Obsessed with fire, this pyromaniac took to burning down as much of Gotham as he could. Lynns then got trapped in one of his own fires at a chemical factory and was badly burned.

    When he recovered, Lynns developed a flame retardant suit which included a flamethrower, jet pack and grenade launcher so he could continue with his pyromaniac tendencies as a freelance mercenary and professional arsonist.



    In the Batman Miniature game, Firefly is a Free Agent available to all of the Villain crews.

    At 72 Reputation and $450, Firefly brings some very special abilities to your crew.

    First of all, he can FLY!

    Firefly is the games first flying character so brings a whole new set of skills to your crew. While in flight, he can move up to 30cm in any direction and can even chose to hover off of the ground at the end of that to make close combat really difficult. His suit even includes his own versions of a Batcape and Kevlar Vest.

    These abilities make life for enemies that hide on rooftops or out of reach much harder. Firefly can reach them with ease or skip over terrain and opposing models to get to hidden enemies much faster.

    When Firefly gets there, he is packed full of deadly weaponry. His main weapon is a military grade Flamethrower. This causes Blood damage, stun damage and sets the targets on fire. It only starts with 2 Ammo but his Flight makes Ammo Crates easy to get to. As well as the Flamethrower, Firefly has a Frag Grenade. This means he is very well armed to take out closely grouped enemies or swamps of Henchmen.


    Firefly is not without his down sides though. As a Pyromaniac, he is drawn to the closet fire he can see and if he is taken out in any way while Hovering, he is going to receive extra damage from the fall.


    All in all though, Firefly is an excellent addition to any Villain crew. Flight and a Flamethrower both in a single model are resources that no self respecting Gotham Villain would ever turn down.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint .

    - $24.99 CAD

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