Exit: The Game - Escape room at home!

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    Exit Games are high strategy collaborative one-shot games! you must go through a series of puzzles and riddles to escape the mysterious location at which you have landed- trains, planes, castles, islands, and peaks are all on the table as possible locations to explore, and hopefully, before the time runs out, Exit! 

    These games are only playable once since you may need to rip tear and destroy certain elements to find the solutions you need! all destroyed components are recyclable! 

    The Abandoned Cabin - $17.99 CAD
    Dead Man on the Orient Express - $17.99 CAD
    The Forbidden Castle - $17.99 CAD
    The Forgotten Island - $17.99 CAD
    The Pharaoh's Tomb - $17.99 CAD
    The Polar Station - $17.99 CAD
    The Sinister Mansion - $17.99 CAD
    The Sunken Treasure - $17.99 CAD
    The Mysterious Museum - $17.99 CAD
    The Enchanted forest - $17.99 CAD
    The Stormy Flight - $17.99 CAD
    Theft on the mississippi - $17.99 CAD
    The house of riddles - $17.99 CAD

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