Dakkajet / Blitza-Bommer / Burna-Bommer / Wazbom Blastajet

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    This plastic kit can also be assembled as a Burna-Bommer, a Blitza-Bommer, or a Wazbom Blastajet. Includes a flying stem and a Citadle 120mmx92mm Oval base. 

    Orks love fire and it was therefore inevitable that someday a Mek would think of attaching canisters of volatile promethium to the underside of an Ork Bommer - thus the Burna-Bommer was born. Armed with burna bombs and skorcha rokkits, the Burna-Bommer performs its attack runs at as low an altitude as possible. Such a technique is, as you can imagine, not without its hazards…

    This multi-part plastic boxed set contains the components necessary to build one Dakkajet, Burna-Bommer, a Blitza-Bommer, or a Wazbom Blastajet. As well as a Grot Gunner, it includes a range of weapons options: a big shoota, boom bombs, burna bombs, skorcha rokkits and supa shootas, as well as an Ork Bommer transfer sheet.



    - $94.99 CAD

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