Commander Shadowsun

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    Commander O'Shaserra, or Shadowsun, is a heroic leader of the T'au, someone who exemplifies all that is noble about the Greater Good. A well-known and respected warrior, she earned her command in the deserts and jungles of the K'resh Expansion against the Greenskin menace.

    Commander Shadowsun heads into to battle in the experimental XV22 battlesuit, a sleek and dynamic piece of equipment. She's posed dynamically on top of a piece of ruined, gothic architecture armed with a fusion blaster on each arm. As well as being able construct three drones to accompany her into battle, you have the added choice of using either of two heads to go on the miniature - one helmeted and one without. 

    This is a finely detailed resin cast kit, and contains fifteen resin components, fifteen plastic components, four long flying stems, three small flying bases and a sprue of four 25mm round bases, all of which make Commander Shadowsun as well as 2 shield drones and a command-link drone.

    This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Super Glue and Citadel Paints.

    - $54.99 CAD

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