Blood Bowl Pitches

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    A double-sided card Blood Bowl pitch, complete with matching dug-outs, this is the perfect place for your Nurgle teams to play. One side represents a beautiful*, flowering** Garden of Nurgle, with plants and trees gaily littering the pitch and maggots cheerily infesting the end zones; the other side is, uh, ‘self-fertilised’ – due to this there are far more hazards in place, with betoothed plants, pools of slime and a great big horrible tentacle waving about. The dug-outs are themed to match, and feature score trackers, reserves, Knocked Out and Serious Injury boxes, Down trackers for both halves, and a re-roll tracker.

    The pitch is made to the same specifications as the board included with the Blood Bowl boxed game, and includes rules for play with the sticky plant life trying to hinder your match.

    * sort of
    ** again, sort of

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