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    "I have only one rule when dealing with the enemy. Give them nothing. Not solace, not mercy, not kindness, not torment, not provisions, and - most assuredly - not satisfaction."åÊ - Bane

    Bane is known by no other name. He doesn't need to be known any other way.

    In the Batman Miniatures Game there a a couple of different versions of Bane to run your crew

    This version of Bane is from Arkham City. He is a TITAN of a Leader. This Bane is a one man army that towers over all others and can pummel any opponent in front of him with ease. Hard to stop and hard to beat, Bane can make things even worse for his enemies by dosing himself up on even more Titan to increase his already impressive stats.

    With such a monster on your crew you will want as many other bodies as you can get to free up Bane for the big jobs. A great way of doing this is by using the Blackgate Prisoners to deal with stray Henchmen and key Objectives.

    All in all, a Bane crew is about power. Weather it is the power of a small army of Mercenaries or the power of a single unstoppable monster, Bane crews are always a force to be reckoned with.

    White metal kit ready to assemble and paint.

    - $49.99 CAD

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