Battletome Seraphon

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    The stars of war align above the Mortal Realms!

    Older than memory, existing for aeons unrecorded, the seraphon have ever waged an unending, savage war against Chaos. Descending to strike a vengeful blow against the Dark Gods as the Age of Sigmar dawns, they seek to bring order to the Mortal Realms. Summoned by the incredible power of the Slann Starmasters, they materialise from the energy of the stars themselves - nimble skinks, predatory saurus and hulking kroxigor, each intent on destroying the forces that have corrupted and darkened the realms almost beyond repair. Wrought of purest star-magic, the seraphon are true beings of Azyr.

    A full colour, 144-page hardback book, Battletome: Seraphon contains:

    the compelling story of the seraphon - who are they, where have they come from, and for whom do they fight?
    Three Battleplans - instructions that allow you to fight battles based around the exciting narrative leading up to them, with special rules and layouts;
    Warscrolls for the entire seraphon range of miniatures;
    Colour schemes and incredible photography showing off the colourful nature of the seraphon;
    Six Warscroll Battalions - organise your miniatures into these formations for access to additional, powerful abilities;
    And, of course, the complete ruleset for Warhammer Age of Sigmar - play games right away! 

    - $59.50 CAD

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