Risk: Marvel

Risk: Marvel

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"Play as one of five factions, each with its own victory condition, representing heroes and villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

The main board is for 2-5 players played out over a city map for sector control. A 2-player map is included for the Guardians of the Galaxy card game.


- 2-sided game board; one side for Marvel Cinematic Universe Risk and one for Guardians of the Galaxy stand alone card & dice game
- Hulk sculpt
- Avengers Tower sculpt
- 1 deck of cards for the Guardians of the Galaxy stand alone game
- Four 8-sided dice
- Five 6-sided dice
- Chip pieces for resource tokens, Loki tokens, Allies and SHIELD operatives
- Sculpted movers for 5 factions: Iron Man, Capt. America, Thor, Ultron and Hydra
- 1 deck of faction cards supporting the game's 5 factions