Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Adventure Game

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    The book itself is a lovingly recreated copy of the classic Labyrinth book Sarah owns in the movie, though it is a little bigger as we had a lot of adventure to fit inside! The book contains everything you need to play, including dice right there in the book!

    The rules of the game are designed to help new players create characters and get started in the world of storytelling games, but the adventure is designed to be playable in any RPG system with new and veteran players in mind.

    The Labyrinth is not a game in which you charge forward, sword raised, and slay all which stands before you. It is a game of cunning, of puzzles and trickery, it is a game where a forthright conversation can get you just as far as brute strength.

    With 100 scenes with modular elements the game boasts an impressive replayability, with no scene ever being quite the same on each run through.

    Each scene consists of its own creatures and challenges. If the players are able to get past the challenge or gain useful information they are rewarded with progress which allows them to advance further into the book. If the players leave a scene without completing it they will wander the labyrinth until they find another, but be careful, you only have 13 hours to complete the Labyrinth or you will become lost forever!

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