Grid Stones (FR/ENG)

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    Gridstones is an elegant, gripping game of strategy and visualization.

    Designed by Toronto native Tim W. K. Brown, this critically-acclaimed abstract strategy and puzzle game is quick, fun, easy-to-learn and great for the whole family.

    Simply place or remove STONES on or from the GRID to create a match to the cards in your hand - but be careful, your opponents will be trying to match their cards too, and the grid will change with every turn.

    So if you’re up to the challenge, grab a friend, or six, and get hooked on this engaging, strategic game of pattern matching.

    Grid size versus number of players:

    • 4x4 grid - 2 Players
    • 5x5 grid - 3 or 4 Players
    • 6x6 grid - 5 or more players

    - $14.99 CAD

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