Space Wolves Skyclaws

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    The most headstrong troublemakers from each Blood Claw pack are often ‘rewarded’ by reassignment to a Skyclaw Assault Pack. There they are entrusted with a jump pack so that they might better indulge their desire to plunge headlong into battle. Soaring fearlessly through the skies, meting out splintering justice upon landing, the Skyclaws rejoice in seeing the enemy crumble under the merciless fury of their assault.

    This multi-part plastic kit contains five Skyclaws and a selection of weapons, including: five jump packs, 2 power fists, 4 chainswords, 4 bolt guns, 5 bolt pistols, 3 plasma pistols, a plasma gun, a frost sword, a frost axe, a thunder hammer and storm shield, 1 pair of wolf claws and a storm bolter.

    This kit includes five Citadel 32mm Round bases. 

    - $44.99 CAD

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